my thoughts on drinking and smoking

There is one thing I noticed upon my arrival at college. The amount of people who smoke increase by a good couple thousand–literally. In high school there were signs everywhere prohibiting cigarettes on the property but some kids still managed to do it without getting caught. But rarely did I ever see them in the actual process of going through a butt. Here on campus, it’s a normal thing you see everyday. Sometimes I even get the misfortune to be walking behind a smoker who’s after puff just punches my face with its stench. Ugh. I hate that part.

I never did go to a party in high school (omgznowaiz!) and don’t think I really missed too much. But at the university, drinking is regular past time any day of the week at any time of the week. Just inquire around and you’re bound to find SOMEONE who’s willing to party/drink.

I’m fine with people who smoke or drink. It’s your life. Go ahead and do you want with it–as long as it doesn’t involve me. You see, smokers, if you’re going to light up walk to the very edge of the road/walkway and try not to give me lung cancer with second hand smoke. Or better yet, go outside and smoke instead of surreptitiously trying to do so in your room?! Drinkers, please by all means get yourselves inebriated. Just leave at least one bathroom stall clean for me? I don’t know how girls miss, but trust me, they do. By a lot. (It could be boys using the girls’ bathroom, but when every toilet seat is either covered in urine or feces. . . .)

This is turning into a rant, you can stop reading if you want. =]

Also, I have learned something very important. By not drinking or smoking I have learned that I am 100% guaranteed to not have as many friends as I could have. Because I have this theory about people only hanging around with other people like them where they are connected by something. People want to connect with others over the same things and the more you connect over, the better friends you’re going to be. The less you connect the less people feel inclined to trust you or think you “get” them, well that’s why I probably have a super small circle of friends. That and the fact I can be pretty picky about who I spend my time with.

One of my friend’s said this might be because of where I live on campus (the supposedly notorious party dorm) and if I lived in a quieter area things would be difference. Doubtful. No matter where you live, people are still going to do whatever makes them comfortable. It probably has to do more with the fact that I live in the biggest living area more than anything. More people = more crazy people.

Has anyone else noticed that girls will take a loooooong time to get ready and really doll themselves up for a night of some “serious partying”. But guys? All they have to do is throw on a preppy shirt (if they’re really feeling fancy) maybe wash up and BAM! It’s party time.

The next three years better fly by. . . .really fast. D:<


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