that really quiet and nice girl

From kindergarten throughout high school, I was labeled as “the quiet one” or the “that really nice girl”. My parents would always come home after conferences and tell me that most teachers commented that I was quiet and asked why I wasn’t more vocal. They think it’s because I’m shy or socially inept. That’s not true. You see, I honestly don’t like talking to or with people who are obviously not going to click with what I have to say. So why waste the time?

These days it seems like EVERYONE has to be in the spotlight. You have to be number 1 to actually contribute something in this world. Awards validate you as someone worthy of attention.

That is a load of BULLSHIT.

Do you know that loud person? I’m sure you do. There’s usually one in every class, work place, or community. Their voices are louder than normal and can be found shouting most of the time. They sometimes speak over others in order to be heard despite not having anything of value to say. They project this attitude of self-importance and you better recognize it–or else! I really hate people like that. Always having to prove a point or needing to constantly boost their own egos. Showing off as if they’re a true gift to everyone on earth.

The Quiet Girl Effect is the exact opposite. Haven’t you noticed that for some reason, the people who succeed later in life usually aren’t the popular kids at school? Right now, I am far from making my dreams come true and achieving my goals. But that’s okay. I’m steadily working towards turning myself into a success story in order to share it with others and in turn help them get what they want.

Right now I’m the “quiet and nice” girl. The type of girl you’ll probably never remember because she doesn’t care to make impressions on people who won’t get what she’s trying to do. And when I do accomplish all that I set out to do, I’m still going to be the same person–just a little wiser and much, much happier. I realize that I don’t have to shove people out of the limelight in order to shine. I don’t need to be first or have the highest grades. I’m okay with being who I am because in reality, I’m not that quiet or that nice. When I’m surrounded by the right people who believe in me and bring out the best in me, I can be the loudest one in the room–but I still remember to listen and take in everyone else’s opinions and thoughts. I’m not nice–in fact I’m pretty greedy. I want it all! To become the richest person in the world and do everything I want when I want however I want with whomever I want. And anyone who gets in my way or tries to stop me will be crushed under my awesome success mobile.

The Quiet Girl Effect. It’s always the most unlikely of people who succeed beyond what is conceived to be possible. =]


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